I had a request from my users to allow any email or URLs entered into a User Defined Table module in DotNetNuke to be automatically Hyperlinked. This tutorial shows you how to modify the stored procedure to allow for this.

I figured out the easiest way without having to modify any of the base modules was to modify the stored procedure that returns the rows for the table. In the following procedure it was modified to check the value of the field to see if it contains either a “@“ or “http://“. This is done using the TSQL CASE statement, which basically checks for the condition that the FieldValue field contains what were looking for, if it does, then we add the appropriate HTML string to the field so it will display as a hyperlink, if not then it just displays the data within the field.

In addition, for this stored procedure there is an additional “Order By“ statement included which is not part of the original 1.0.9 distribution, this was a fix I added in order to display the row information correctly.

ALTER procedure dbo.GetUserDefinedRows
@ModuleId int
select UserDefinedRows.UserDefinedRowId,
'FieldValue' =
Case charindex('http:', UserDefinedData.FieldValue)
When 0 Then
Case charindex(
'@', UserDefinedData.FieldValue)
When 0 Then
'' + UserDefinedData.FieldValue + ''
'' + UserDefinedData.FieldValue + ''
from UserDefinedRows
left outer join UserDefinedData on UserDefinedRows.UserDefinedRowId = UserDefinedData.UserDefinedRowId
inner join UserDefinedFields on UserDefinedData.UserDefinedFieldId = UserDefinedFields.UserDefinedFieldId
where UserDefinedRows.ModuleId = @ModuleId
Order by UserDefinedData.UserDefinedRowId


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