Once installed into DNN modules can easily be dragged and dropped to a page. You can also have multiple instances of the same module on one page. Modules can be shared across pages and, in the paid versions of DNN, even shared across multiple sites (via the Site Groups feature).

Imagine having a DNN site, but then having a need that is custom or specific to you or needing functionality that does not come with DNN out of the box. Let’s say for example you want to have a photo gallery on your site. A photo gallery module does not ship with DNN out of the box. These scenarios where you have a need for functionality that does not ship with DNN are prime scenarios for a custom module or 3rd party module.

A module’s settings also allows the site admins to easily control things like the module title, the start and end date and time (in case the site admin wants to schedule and expire content), the module’s container, and whether or not the module is indexed by search engines. 

Installing multiple modules through the DNN user interface is very time-consuming, but luckily there’s an easier and faster way of installing modules in DNN. So in order to do a batch installation of multiple modules just follow the steps outlined below.

1. Add your zipped modules to the “/Install/Module/” folder

Build your modules in release mode and drop the zipped modules into:


2. Navigate to “/install/install.aspx?mode=installresources”

Open up a browser window and navigate to the URL:


… and all of the modules that you dropped into the module folder earlier will now be installed for you.


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