You can create a payment button for a straightforward, single-item purchase or for a full shopping cart. You can also create payment buttons to accept a donation, set up a subscription, automate billing, or create an installment plan.

Using a few basic options, your payment button can include shipping fees and taxes, track inventory, and get profit and loss information by product or service. Advanced options enable you to completely customize the checkout page and checkout experience.

Beyond a simple payment solution, PayPal Payments Standard provides invoicing, transaction management, shipment tracking, and data integration with tools like Excel, Quickbooks, and Quicken.

How to Add A Paypal Form to DNN?

The problem is that DotNetNuke already uses a 'form' which is a way for the current page to post back information to the server. All DotNetNuke pages are forms-based, so that all the links like login, search, etc can work by sending the response back to the DotNetNuke website.

The PayPal buttons need to be on a form as well - if you look at the sample html you'll see the form tags. This is because the PayPal buttons post the information back to the PayPal server, and, as DNN already is setup to post back to your own server, it doesn't work.

Step 1. Remove the tags from your PayPal code.

Step 2. Add the following bit of code to the input button on your form:


Step 3. Add your newly edited form to an HTML module in your DNN site.

Basically you are using javascript to submit the form onclick rather than using the HTML action functionality. A generic ASP.Net page already contains a form so-to-speak and so this is just a means of using another method so you don't have to deal with changing the action field of the existing form.

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