How to Create a Page Template in DotNetNuke

Creating page templates in DotNetNuke helps to eliminate the tiresome task of creating blank pages and adding modules one-by-one.  This DotNetNuke tutorial covers creating a model page, and saving that page as a template, allowing rapid generation of new pages.


I personally like to use Razor scripts to load the content of a page outside of standard HTML.  In other words, I create a template with the scripts already defined.  With all the script definitions in place, I simply create new pages from the template, and the only thing I need to add is the static HTML for that specific page.  This approach will also work with static content as well as other scripting methods. 

You need to arrange the proper DNN modules on your model page then fill in the modules with your selected content.  When you export the template, but sure to check the box to include content in your template.

The process is simple.  Once the template page is created, be sure you are logged in to the site.   Hover your mouse pointer over “Pages” in the top menu.  In the pop-up menu, select “Export “.
You will be directed to the “Export” screen where you will:

  1. Select the folder where you would like to save the template.   DNN includes a default template directory which is recommended.
  2. Type a name for the template.
  3. Type a description for the template.
  4. If you have scripts, or static content, which you will want displayed on the template pages, select the “Include Content” checkbox.

Once you save this template, you may choose to use the template when adding new DNN pages.

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