DNN Search is part of the DNN core that may be installed and configured out with the box.


DotNetNuke Search consists of four primary pieces:

  • Scheduled Job
    The scheduled process initiates the approach of indexing the modules, in the scheduled time interval. An iteration of all modules that support iSearchable is performed. Throughout this process, text that is extracted in the module is cleaned, parsed, and added to search word and search things tables.
  • Search Admin
    The search admin is for setting the maximum word length, minimum word length, selection to involve typical words, plus the alternative to consist of numbers.
  • Search Input Module
    A module or skin object is often made use of to provide the form for the search query. In module settings, you may make use of the default button, or an image. You do not have the selection to transform this image inside the module, nor change the text. Types is often made use of to produce some look and feel modifications, nevertheless it is limited. When a search is performed, the user is redirected for the Search Results web page.
  • Search Outcomes Module
    This module offers the search benefits. Within the settings, you can set the maximum search results, final results per page, maximum title length, maximum description length, along with the selection to show description. Final results are restricted for the exact word queried.


The ISearchable interface is utilised to permit the users of one's module to look for content material employing the search mechanism provided by the DotNetNuke framework It works a lot more like an index inside the back of a book. The only things in the index are products that the author (in this case the module developer) has decided to put there. The search merely enables DotNetNuke portal users to speedily find things placed within this index.

Implementing Look for the Survey Module

To implement search for the Survey module we performed three measures:

Indicate that the controller class will implement the ISearchable interface

  • Insert the code for the ISearchable interface
  • Update the module configuration

Implement ISearchable in the Controller Class

When you look at the module definition for the Survey module, you can see that the controller

class defined is DotNetNuke.Modules.Survey.SurveyController
Public Function GetSearchItems(ByVal ModInfo As Entities.Modules.ModuleInfo) _
As Services.Search.SearchItemInfoCollection Implements Entities.Modules.ISearchable.GetSearchItems
' Get the Surveys for this Module instance
Dim colSurveys As List(Of SurveyInfo) = GetSurveys(ModInfo.ModuleID)
Dim SearchItemCollection As New SearchItemInfoCollection
Dim SurveyInfo As SurveyInfo
For Each SurveyInfo In colSurveys
Dim SearchItem As SearchItemInfo
SearchItem = New SearchItemInfo _
(ModInfo.ModuleTitle & " - " & SurveyInfo.Question, _
SurveyInfo.Question, _
SurveyInfo.CreatedByUser, _
SurveyInfo.CreatedDate, ModInfo.ModuleID, _
SurveyInfo.SurveyId, _
Return SearchItemCollection
End Function

To implement the search we performed 3 methods:

  • Developed and filled a SearchItemInfo object
  • Added this object for the SearchItemInfoCollection collection
  • Returned the SearchItemInfoCollection as the output for the approach
  • The essential point to remember is that the SearchKey parameter has to be a one of a kind value. In this case we passed the contents from the SurveyId field (in the Surveys table) towards the SearchKey parameter.
  • The Content material is the content that the portal customers will likely be looking on. We passed the contents on the Question field towards the Content parameter. As you are able to see within the table schema under, the Question field includes a direct one-to-one connection together with the SurveyID field.

This line adds the SearchItemInfo object for the SearchItemInfoCollection collection:
SearchItemCollection.Add(SearchItem), This line returns the SearchItemInfoCollection collection because the output on the technique:

Return SearchItemCollection

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