In this article I would like to explains you step by step process to installation DotnetNuke.

Step by step process to installation DotnetNuke

  • Unzip the DNN file.
  • Rename
  • Make Two Folders in side UnZip folder
    • SQLExpress_DBFile
    • Website
  • Move all files inside the Website Folder except SqlExpressFolder.
    • Modify WebConfig.
  • Host it to IIS
    • Open IIS
    • Add new website (exp: DNNDEV.ME)
      • Site name :DNNDEV.ME
      • Provide physical path of dnn(Mark it to website folder under dnn folder)
      • Host name:DNNDEV.ME(same as site name)
  • After adding site you have to provide it permission:
    • Right click website folder > Edit permission > Security
    • Under Security click Edit > ADD > iis apppool\DC700X_DEV5 (your site name)
    • Allow it to All permission
  • Now add it to Host sites
    • Open notepad as Administration > File > Open > Brows (C > Windows32 > Systems > Drivers > host(Select all files) remove Read only permission
    • Now open Host and add DNNDEV.ME (as per your ip and site name)
    • Now save and give it Read only Permission.

Make Data Base for dnn

  • Open SqlServer > Database(right click) >Add new DB > Paste here DNNDEV.ME(original site or host name as in IIS)
  • Open Database > Security > Logins (Create new user)
    • Login Name :DNNDEV.ME
    • Check Sql Server Authentication (nt Windows Auth)
    • Pas :Database,Confirm pass:Database
    • Make Enforce Password Policy Uncheck Then cilck > OK
  • Open DNNDEV.ME > Security > USers (right click) > New USer
    • User Name :DNNDEV.ME
    • Default Scheme : dbo
    • Select both chk to db_owner then click ok

Run DNN from IIS

  • Fill all field as per your back entrys.
  • Change Custom.

Now its running
Template Modify Process

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