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DotNetNuke Hosting - :: Optimization SEO in DotNetNuke

clock Januarie 5, 2017 04:58 by author Armend

DotNetNuke has many SEO features, but some are less obvious to the casual administrator. These SEO features, however, can have a dramatic effect on how your DNN website is indexed by Google, Bing and others, and as such, can have an effect on your page rank and search results.


Here are a few DNN tips and tricks to help in your DNN’s SEO:

1. Site Map Priority

Buried within your page settings is a feature that allows you to set indexing priorities to your DNN pages. To get there (once logged in as an administrator), go to “page settings”, then “advanced settings”, then at the bottom of the window, go to “other settings”.

Here you will find the item: “Site Map Priority”. The default for this is .5. However, if your page is the home page, or perhaps a landing page, you will want to up the number to 1.0, or .9 (1.0 being the highest). This will increase the perceived importance of the page by search engines such as Google. Where is this relevant? When your organization appears in a Google search, high priority pages may be presented as sub-links to the home page more frequently. This can be critical in immediately directing visitors to key pages in an organic search result.

2. Site Settings

Here we’ll talk about one of things NOT to do when it comes to SEO in DotNetNuke. In the “site settings” of DotNetNuke, administrators have the ability to enter descriptions and keywords. By doing that, those items will then be placed in the META tags for EVERY page on the DNN website. For SEO, this is an extreme no-no, as it will confuse the search engines and reduce the relevancy and page rank of your overall DNN website. It may be an easy way to get keywords throughout your site… but it will definitely hurt you in the long run!

3. Page Titles

One of the nice features about DotNetNuke is its ability to add dashes between spaced words in your page title. For example, if you title a page “DNN SEO Tips”, DNN will title the actual URL as “DNN-SEO-Tips”. This ensures that the individual words in the title will be relevant to Google.
Some administrators like to use underscores between words. For example: “DNN_SEO_Tips”. This is strongly discouraged as Google will index the entire string as one item. This means people searching for DNN, or SEO or Tips will not see your site on Google. They would only find you if they specifically put “DNN SEO Tips”. In some cases this may be a good thing, if your content is very niche-oriented. But if you’re looking to gather visitors based on more broad searches, using underscores will hurt you.

4. Robots.txt

OK, this one gets a bit technical for the casual DotNetNuke administrator, but robots.txt is an important factor when comes to SEO, so what we’ll do in this section is give you enough information that you can intelligently go to your IT person or your hosting provider to ask questions.

In short, the robots.txt function (which not accessible via the administration tools in DNN), tells various search engines such as Google what pages to index and what pages they should not. Pretty important! But, if your DNN website is with a host provider and you are operating on a shared instance (one installation of DNN with many portals), you may be operating on one, centralized robots.txt file, which may be configured to tell the robots to ignore all pages on your site!

There is a way to take control and get around this, but it takes someone with access to the server and a bit of IT knowledge. But, don’t let that stop you from finding out if your robots.txt file is configured properly.

  • Ask your IT or host provider:
  • Is your DNN website on a shared instance?
  • Do you have an individual robots.txt file for your specific DNN website?

That’s it a few simple tools and information on how to squeeze more effectiveness with your DotNetNuke’s SEO. Hope useful.

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DotNetNuke - :: How to Activate Google Analytics on Your DNN Site

clock April 19, 2016 00:07 by author Armend

How to Activate Google Analytics on Your DNN Site

You can't go wrong using Google Analytics (GA) to track the performance of your site. It has awesome reporting capabilities and you can't beat the price; it's free! And out-of-the-box DNN is fully integrated with Google Analytics. Just follow these instructions and you'll be running Google Analytics in a matter of minutes.

To Activate Google Analytics on your Site

  • Get your Google Analytics Account Number : Your first step is register you complimentary Google Analytics account. These is no charge for this GA account, and it takes just a couple of minutes to get your account number. Visit to activate your Google Analtics account; and click the Access Google Analytics button and follow the on-screen instructions. When you have your GA account number you are ready to go to Step 2 below.
  • 2 Install your Tracking Code : Google Analytics tracks your site activity through the use of a javascript snippet that contains your GA account number (also known as your tracking ID). This javascript tracking code must appear in the <head> section of every page you want to have tracked.

Good news—DNN automates this for you. All you have to do is add your GA account number to a field on your site and DNN takes care of the rest. Here's what you do:

  • Login to your DNN site using an Administrator account.
  • Go to the Admin | Google Analytics page. You will see a field where you enter your GA account number:
  • Paste your GA account number into this field and click Update.

That's it! Google Analytics will now start tracking your site.

Verify your Setup

It can take up to 24 hours for data to appear in your Google Analytics account after you've installed your tracking code. But in the meantime, you should take a minute to confirm that your tracking is setup correctly. You can confirm your tracking using any of the following options:

  • View Page Source Code : Take a quick look at the source of a page on your site to make sure your Google Analytics javascript is there. As long as you see javascript code similar to the following (with your own tracking ID value) of course, your setup is correct:

  • Check your Google Analytics Dashboard : Login to your Google Analytics account (  and click the Admin link. You should see a status of 'Waiting for Data.' This indicates that your code is correctly installed, but no data has been collected yet. If you return in roughly 24 hours you should see this status change to 'Tracking Installed' and you are good t Proudly Announces WordPress 4.1 Hosting

clock Januarie 6, 2015 08:20 by author Dan, The Best, Cheap and Recommended ASP.NET Hosting proudly announces WordPress 4.1 Hosting with a combination of affordable price, fast & stable network and uptime guarantees. provides full trust web hosting services for WordPress 4.1 site.

After nearly four months of development, WordPress 4.1 is available for download. WordPress 4.1 contains several improvements such as a new default theme, an improved distraction free writing experience, and plugin recommendations.

With the release of WordPress 4.1 just a few days ago, millions of people have had the opportunity to use the improved Distraction-free Writing Mode. When you enable Distraction Free Writing mode, the surrounding interface disappears as you type leaving important actions and menu items just a mouse movement away. This mode minimizes distractions without having to go through a clunky transition to access the admin menu or meta boxes. To bring back the menu and meta boxes, move the mouse cursor to the left or right of the editor.

On the Add New plugin page in WordPress 4.1, there are two different tabs to help users discover new plugins: Featured and Popular. The recommendations take into account the plugins you have installed and suggests plugins based on which ones are commonly used together. It’s similar to an e-commerce shopping cart that recommends products other customers have purchased based on what’s in the cart., a windows-based hosting service provider offers the most reliable and stable WordPress 4.1 web hosting infrastructure on the net with great features, fast and secure servers.  We has architected our network like no other hosting company. Every facet of the network infrastructure scales to gigabit speeds with no single point of failure. All of windows hosting plan supports WordPress 4.1 and customers can install WordPress 4.1 with just one click. ASPHostPortal offer professional WordPress 4.1 site start from $5/month. The following are the reasons why the customers choose and keep trust with our service:

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