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DotNetNuke 7.3 Hosting with :: The Simple Way to Install DotNetNuke

clock September 17, 2014 09:18 by author Kenny

The Simple Way to Install DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is a Web-content management platform for those who use the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. Based on your company needs, whatever version of DNN you choose, it will be a significant cost saving venture over other options. Installing DotNetNuke is not a task well-suited for beginners to this sort of website framework. If you are familiar with websites, databases, and ASP.NET, you can use these instructions to learn how to install DotNetNuke.

Check the DotNetNuke installation requirements before getting started. To install DotNetNuke, you need a database with either Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 or SQL Express. If you have an older version of DotNetNuke 5.2 or earlier, you can use SQL Server 2000. You should also have a Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) with version 5 or higher, and the Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 framework. This service pack is available through the Windows Update feature.

Download the latest version of DotNetNuke to your computer, and unzip the file.

Use the FTP software of your choice to connect to your website, and upload the installation files into the directory of your choice. If necessary, create the directory where you want to install DotNetNuke on your server.

Select the folder where DotNetNuke is located. Click "Properties," choose the "Security" tab, and add the necessary user permissions. Use either the local ASP.NET service (for Windows 2000 and XP) or the local Network Service account (for Windows 2003, Vista, 2008, or 7). You should have permission to modify the folder.

  • Open the IIS server console. Go to "Start" > "Run" > INETMGR. Click on the "websites" node, and select the "Default website" node.
  • Right click on the DotNetNuke folder. Click "Convert to Application." If this option is not available, select "Properties" and add the application.

Install DotNetNuke with SQL Express.

  • Open your web browser, and go to:
  • Walk through the installation wizard as presented on the screen. The database information should already be configured, and you should not need to change it.
  • Look for the default login information for the "host" and "admin" users, which is shown when installation is complete.
  • Log in immediately, and change the passwords to protect against hacking.

Install DotNetNuke with SQL Server 2005/2008 for your database server.

  • Open SQL Management Studio, and connect to your database server.
  • Walk through the installation wizard as presented on the screen.
  • Create a new database by expanding the server node, then the databases node, and filling in necessary values for all the database properties.
  • Set up the SQL user and security account, and choose the appropriate integrated-security or user-security setting under the "server/security" node.
  • Open your web browser, and go to:
  • Walk through the installation wizard as presented on the screen. Choose SQL 2000/2005/2008, and follow the security steps according to the option chosen in the previous steps. Test the database connection.
  • Finish the installation wizard, and look for the default login information for the "host" and "admin" users.
  • Log in, and immediately change the passwords for those accounts to protect against a hack.

Best and Cheap DotNetNuke Hosting Provider

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DotNetNuke Hosting with :: Cart Viper is The Best DotNetNuke eCommerce Solution

clock September 5, 2014 08:09 by author Kenny

Cart Viper is The Best DotNetNuke eCommerce Solution

If you read this article, of course you interest with ecommerce. In this article, we will tell you that you now you will develop your online store easily with DotNetNuke platform. If you are already using DotNetNuke then you will know what a great platform it is to build rich and engaging websites but what if you could use the same platform to run an online DNN shop?

Why you should using Cart Viper?

Cart Viper is an ecommerce solution built for DNN providing a PCI compliant online store for your business. You will start to sell online today using the simple to use ecommerce store easily. From now you will sell anything; physical products, digital downloads and events. Using Cart Viper you can create a fully functioning online shop within 30 minutes.

Is Cart Viper The Best DotNetNuke Store?

The answer absolutely is YES. In their official website, they said that, “Since starting Cart Viper we've added hundreds of new features and improvements all with the aim of making the best dotnetnuke store available on the market. A great product is no good without great support so we are dedicated to providing help and support so that you can get the best out of our product. Take a look at the feedback we have received from our satisfied customers.”

Features of Cart Viper

There are some features of Cart Viper:

  • Categories and Sub-Categories – You can create and manage an unlimited number of product categories. In here you also can find SEO optimized product categories page - define the category URL, META description and title tags.
  • Products – You can create an unlimited number of products. Automatic re-sizing of product images (small, medium, large) based on your predefined image size.
  • Product Variants - Choose the variant option display e.g. dropdown list, checkbox, radio button, textbox, multi-line textbox or image uploader. Track stock quantities for each product variant, so you know exactly how many of each product variation you have in stock.
  • Catalog Localization - Ability to enter categories and products in multiple languages. Categories and products will fully localize to the current language that is being viewed by the user.
  • Product Offers - Create and manage product offers. Define start, end date and offer price. Offer is applied and removed from a product without any user interaction.
  • Coupons - Define rules for each coupon. e.g. minimum subtotal, can be used multiple times, start date, end date, customer email address, etc. Offer a monetary or percentage discount.
  • Promotions - Create store wide promotions, so every product has a specific discount during the given period. Create category wide promotions, so every product in the category has the specific discount during the given period.
  • Product Discount Bundles - Create product discount bundles where a user receives a discount if they purchase 2 or more items at the same time. Promote up-selling and maximise each sale via product discount bundles.
  • User Specific Pricing - Define a product price for a specific user of your DNN site. Define a product price for a specific role of your DNN site. When browsing the store the individual user price is displayed to that user.
  • Digital Downloads - Define which products have a digital download. Digital downloads now support PDFs as a valid file type. Allow admin to define how long / how many times a user can download a digital download after they have purchased it.
  • Product Comparison - Allow users to select up to 4 products then compare them side by side! Store admin defines the product details they can compare e.g. weight, size, model number etc. Allow the user to quickly and easily see the advantage of 1 product over another.
  • Wishlists - Wish list automatically updated if admin deletes / edit a product in a user’s wish list. Anonymous users can create wish lists, and then they will automatically be transferred into their user account if they then sign in to your store. Customers can make their wish list public and send friends a link to view the wish list.
  • Product Visualizer - Allow a user to see a mockup of what their product will look like once they have made their specific choices. e.g. select text or upload an image.
  • Product Reviews & Ratings - Enable / disable product reviews. Product average rating calculated from customer reviews. Product reviews approved by admin before appearing on site.
  • Shipping - Enable / disable shipping to be calculated on an order. Support an unlimited number of shipping providers so customer can select when they checkout e.g. FedEx, UPS, default, etc
  • Tax & VAT - Based on stores location and the users billing address Cart Viper automatically works out if you need to charge VAT or tax. Define VAT rates for: Zero rated product,Reduced rate products & Standard rate products. Assign each product to a VAT rate.
  • Payment Methods - Let customer pick between online or offline payment methods at the point of checkout. Real time credit card payments (Mastercard, VISA, Solo, Switch, Amex and Discover). Accept offline payment methods (cash on delivery, cheque, purchase orders, etc) with or without Real time payment method as well.
  • Payment Gateways - Optional ability to apply a percentage or fixed amount surcharge to an order placed with Paypal Standard. Recurring billing support when using payment gateway, manage subscriptions directly from Cart Viper, recieve notifications when card declined.
  • Cart & Checkout - Advanced jQuery add / edit / delete items shopping cart functions. Separate mini-cart control that can be added to any content pane. User friendly wizard style checkout screen.
  • Store Administration - Quick Install for Creating a New Store. Simple intuitive administration UI. Optionally assign DotNetNuke roles to admin tasks as product management, order management etc. Product moderator feature - create a new setting that allows the a DNN role to be entered users with this role can add products however they need to be moderated before appearing in the store front.
  • Catalog Workflow and Version History - Define if that all changes to the store catalog requires moderation. Ability to accept / decline changes, with email notifications.
  • QuickBooks Integration - Automatically transfer orders from Cart Viper into QuickBooks.
  • Order PDF - Store admin or customer can download a PDF receipt of any order that has been placed. Admin can define an image along with header and footer text to brand the PDF as per your needs.
  • Sales Reporting - Cart Viper automatically calculates your sales data for the current day and at a glance allows you to see how that compares to yesterday and the average of the last 30 days. View sales data by product or category for specific date you enter. Export sales data to .XLS format.
  • My Account Module - Separate my account module included. Edit their account profile settings - billing / shipping address etc. Users can view / search through their order history.
  • Product News Letter - Separate product newsletter module, allow users to sign up to your store product newsletter. Product newsletter automatically sent with no human interaction.
  • Product Widget Module - Separate product widget module that can be used to display products anywhere on your DNN portal. Select products to display in product widget module by: random, top sellers, by category, individual selection, products currently on special offer and newly added.
  • RSS 2.0 Feeds - Optionally expose RSS 2.0 feeds based on the product data in your store. 3 different RSS 2.0 feeds: top selling products, newly added products and featured products.
  • HTML Email Templates - All emails that the store sends are HTML based so you can customize then to suit your needs. Fully HTML enabled so you can brand the emails as per your needs using CSS and images.
  • Define the Store Currency - The following currencies are supported by Cart Viper: United States Dollar (USD) , Great British Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Australian dollars (AUD), Canadian dollars (CAD), Mexican peso (MXN) Swiss francs (CHF), Singapore dollar (SGD), Thailand Baht (THB), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Phillipine Peso (PHP), Czech Koruna (CZK) and Mexican Peso (MXN).
  • Donations - Optionally allow customers to place donations. Define predetermined amounts with the customer able to select or enter their own donation amount. Allow the customer to enter a name associated with the donation.
  • Multi-language Support - They currently have the resource files translated into English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. However Cart Viper can be translated into any language you require!
  • Multiple Portals Supported - Cart Viper can be installed on multiple parent and child portals. Each portal would need to have its own license.
  • Advanced Templating - Razor Template Support. Responsive store template, create a great store experience for desktop, tablet and mobile users. Data and presentation kept separate allowing you to create your own templates without any programming knowledge.
  • Google Analytic eCommerce & Event Tracking - Full eCommerce & event tracking support integration into Google analytics. Track 25 different events inside your store. Provides detailed statistical analysis how customers are users your store. Quickly and easily find customer trend and shopping habits!
  • DotNetNuke Versions Supported - Cart Viper requires version 5.x, 6.x, or 7.x of DotNetNuke. Works in both Full Trust and Medium Trust environments.

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DotNetNuke 7.3 Hosting with How to Reset DotNetNuke 7.3 Password

clock September 2, 2014 08:26 by author Ben

Best and Cheap DotNetNuke 7.3 Hosting

DNN 7.3 has been released and contains lots of changes for performance and stability, bug fixes and some new features. The DNN 7.3 release improves the run-time characteristics of the platform in a variety of ways. End users will notice faster page response time and administrators will appreciate a more responsive user experience, especially on larger scale web sites. Server processing has been optimized and resource consumption has been dramatically reduced, resulting in greater scalability and improved site density in all infrastructure environments.

New Features of DotNetNuke 7.3 Hosting

DotNetNuke 7.3 includes a number of new features and enhancements that will benefit users and developers alike along with a large number of bug fixes. Here is the new features of DNN 7.3:

Platform performance enhancements
dnnPanels enhancements
HTML 5 tags as skin panes
Added support for Google Analytics tracking code to support Display Advertising
Save/Restore Module with Settings/Content

How to Reset DNN 7.3 Password

You can use the below steps to reset the DNN 7.3 password :

1. Open SQL Query Analyzer – Connect to your dotNetNuke database.

2. Paste the following Stored Procedure code into the window,

ALTER procedure [dbo].[uap_ResetPassword]
@UserName NVarChar(255),
@NewPassword NVarChar(255)
Declare @PasswordSalt NVarChar(128)
Declare @ApplicationID NVarChar(255)
Declare @ApplicationName NVarChar(255)
Set @ApplicationID = (SELECT [ApplicationID] FROM aspnet_Users WHERE UserName=@UserName)
Set @ApplicationName = (SELECT [ApplicationName] FROM aspnet_Applications WHERE ApplicationID=@ApplicationID)
Set @PasswordSalt = (SELECT PasswordSalt FROM aspnet_Membership WHERE UserID IN (SELECT UserID FROM aspnet_Users WHERE UserName=@UserName))
–select @ApplicationID, @ApplicationName
declare @RetVal as int
Exec @RetVal = dbo.aspnet_Membership_ResetPassword @ApplicationName, @UserName, @NewPassword, 10, 10, @PasswordSalt, -5
return @RetVal

3. Now you can reset your DotNetNuke 7.3 passwords by simply opening up SQL Query Analyzer, connecting to your dotNetNuke database, then typing uap_ResetPassword ‘username’, ‘newpassword’.

Reason to Choose DotNetNuke 7.3 Hosting with is a windows-based hosting service provider. offers the most reliable and stable DotNetNuke 7.3 web hosting infrastructure on the net with great features, fast and secure servers. Our hosting can be done via USA, Amsterdams or Singapore based server. Depending your requirements, we can scale so we can deliver the right service for the right price. All of our windows hosting plan supports DotNetNuke 7.3 and you can install DotNetNuke 7.3 with just one click.


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